Our Research

The Chair for Bioinformatics and Information Mining concentrates on the extraction of knowledge from large, heterogeneous data sources.

New methods developed at the Chair and in close cooperation with numerous partners in industry and academia are deployed and immediately usable within the open source data analysis platform KNIME. Research topics range from classic data analysis in the area of customer and market analysis to text or image analysis and methods for explorative, interactive analytics. Many research projects are stimulated by applications in the Life Sciences, for example, the analysis of large molecular databases or the classification of cell assay images. A recent article (M. Berthold: "From Patterns to Discoveries") discusses where we believe this area will go in the future.

We have recently concluded a European Project "BISON" investigating the emerging area of Bisociative Knowledge Discovery (see our recent LNCS/LNAI State of the Art Volume) with a strong focus on the development of scalable methods for domain bridging information network analysis.