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10:00Predicting Hype in Data ScienceMachine Learning for the Life SciencesAdvanced Data Challenge

Our courses in SS2016

Predicting Hype in Data Science

In this seminar you analyze scientific publications and other text sources to find patterns of occurence for hot data science topics such as Random Forests, Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning. Can this information be used to predict upcoming trends and hype in data science?

Machine Learning for the Life Sciences

In this seminar we will review the main machine learning methods used in the filed of Bioinformatics and Medicine  and we will look at various prediction problems in several biological and medical domains.

Advanced Data Challenge

In this seminar students solve advanced data mining problems on real-world datasets.

Bachelor Projekt : Algorithmen des Data Minings

Pflichtprojekt im Bachelor zur Implementierung von Data Mining Algorithmen

Master Projekt: Maschinelles Lernen

Pflichtprojekt im Master zur Erweiterung von Data Mining Algorithmen

Advanced Topics in Data Analysis

Internes Seminar des Lehrstuhls.