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Advanced Data Challenge


Credits: SWS : 2+1, Credits 4+2

Participants: Min: 1 Max: 12 Expected: 6

Course type : Seminar

Language: english


You've got Skillz?!? You think you know how to mine data? You want to expand your palette of abilities in the data sciences? Join us in the Advanced Data Challenge!

This seminar will feature interesting real-world data sets, and will require the students to rely on their creativity by finding and utilizing additional data sources to incorporate into their models. Not only will the general the KDD process be emphasized with the application of various models alone or in ensemble or meta-learning techniques, but the finer, forensic, investigative skills necessary for success as a data scientist will be called upon to a significant degree.

The students will work together in teams of two persons. During the semester, students will meet with their seminar adviser every two weeks, they will give one short status updates, hold a final presentation, and write a short paper detailing the work performed. 


You can find the slides of the introduction here.

The slides on trajectory pattern mining from 29.4.15 are here.