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Parallel Computing


Achievement: SWS : 2, Credits 4

Course type : Seminar

Language: English


In this seminar we want to explore the wide field of parallel computing, ranging from parallel algorithms, high-level programming languages that support parallelism, parallelization frameworks, and hardware issues.


This is a list of possible topics. If you have suggestions of your own, which fit into the seminar, you are welcome to present them.

  • Concurrency and/or parallelization support in programming languages (e.g. Scala, Clojure, ...)
  • Parallelization models (e.g. map-reduce, worker-producer, ...)
  • Parallel programming systems/frameworks (e.g. MPI, PVM, Threads, ...)
  • Parallel hardware (e.g. GPUs, clusters, grids, fast networks, ...)
  • Parallel algorithms (e.g. sorting, graph algorithms, data mining, ...)



Thorsten Meinl Introduction
Josua Krause Concurrency support in Java 7
Andreas Burger Scala
Philipp Ziemer Parallel sorting algorithms
Sebastian Fichtner Parallel Graph Algorithms
Leonard Wörteler Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell
Dominik Abend Consistency models and Big Tables
Sabbir Ahmmed Grids and their frameworks



Individually for each topic

Course criteria

Talk of about 30 minutes and written summary of about 6 pages (using this template).


Basic knowledge in Parallel Programming