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News 2013


Start of semester: Ms. Sapozhnikova offers the course "Principles of Data Mining" and we offer support for Bsc/Msc projects and theses.

17.10. - 19.10.2013

Michael Berthold, Iris Adä and Christian Dietz discussed their research results at the IDA 2013 in London.

16.09. - 20.09.2013

We are hosting the KNIME Open Source Days (KOS-Days)

09.09. - 13.09.2013

Martin Horn presents how "Learning Precise Local Boundaries in Images from Human Tracings" can be done at the ICIAP'2013


Lots of cool new stuff in KNIME 2.8, get it here or update your current installation.


End of semester, happy summer break!

17.07.2013: Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Sebastian Peter, who won the Best Paper Award at AI-2013 for his work on "Pattern Graphs: Combining Multivariate Time Series and Labelled Interval Sequences for Classification"


Christian Dietz and Violeta Ivanova successfully defended their PHD thesis proposals in the department colloquium.

28.06.2013: DAISY

With the Symposium on Data Analysis in Life Science we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Nycomed Chair for Bioinformatics at Konstanz University.

10.06. - 14.06.2013:

It was our pleasure to have João Gama from the University of Porto as our guest for one week.


David Pérez from the European Centre for Soft Computing is joining us for 3 months to continue his research on Fingrams.


Our new courses are online, it is time for you to continue mining data, may it be image data or even bigger data.

18.03. - 24.03.2013:

Time for the mountains, we escaped from our offices for our yearly research retreat in the alps.


We survived our marking marathon with more than 200 exams in this semester.

News 2012


It is already time for the yearly nicolaus release of KNIME. 2.7.0 is our number now. Find a list of  new features here.


The paper about Pattern Graphs(Peter, Berthold, Höppner) was selected as one of the best of this year IS'12 conference.


Our own Iris Adä just won this year's IDA2012 Poster Award! (Video)


At the IDA2012 Sebastian Peter and Violeta Ivanoca introduced pattern graph learning and better not faster parallel data mining.


Martin and Christian have been at the ImageJ User and Developer conference 2012 in Luxembourg to give a workshop about integrating ImageJ into KNIME for High-throughput Image Analysis.


The semester is starting! We offer three preliminary courses (PK1, KDI and RS), the data mining course and a seminar about mining data with the time.

03.09. - 07.09.2012

We are hosting the KNIME Open Source Days (KOS-Days)


At the IEEE Intelligent Systems IS'12, Sebastian Peter presents his work about pattern graphs.


Check out our newest book, the result of the EU BISON Project. Bisociative Knowledge Discovery focuses on the discovery of new, domain bridging connections and patterns, supporting creative discoveries.

19.03. - 25.03.2012: We are away for our yearly research week in the mountains.

News 2011

23.12.2011: Prof. Dr. Michael Berthold is awarded a honorary professorship at Óbuda University in Budapest. Pressemitteilung

11.12.2011: Iris Adä presents at HACDAIS@ICDM

01.12.2012: KNIME 2.5.0 sets the first foot in the world.

29.10.2011: Tobias Kötter contributes two paper to this years IDA2011. The first (Bisociative Discovery of Interesting Relations Between Domains) is joined work with Nagel, Thiel, Piatek and Berthold, the other (Mining Fault-tolerant Item Sets using Subset Size Occurrence Distributions) he created together with Christian Borgelt.

29.10.2011: Invited Talk by Michael Berthold about Bisociative Knowledge Discovery at the IDA2011

20.10.2011: Tobias Kötter will present at the WAPA2011.

17.10.2011: Start of semester. See our courses here.

04.10. - 07.10.2011: We are hosting the KNIME Open Source Days (KOS Days), bringing together KNIME Open Source developers for a week of mutual programming, discussions, and presentations.

16.09.2011: Interview with Michael Berthold about his famous Fuzzy Logic Lecture, recorded in 2005 and still among the most popular in the computer science category.

15.09.2011: We have a new PHD student: Violetta Ivanova, who is now a member of the Graduate School

06.09.2011: Iris Adä gives a talk in the research workshop of the ECE Department of the University of Alberta

21.07 - 02.09.2011: Visit of Javier de la Dehesa (Universidad de Cantabria)

16.07.2011: End of semester

07.07.2011: KNIME v2.4.0 is released.

07.06. - 09.06.2011: José Balcázar is visiting our reseach group and is givjng his talk Towards a Logic of Association Rules

06.06. - 02.09.2011: Madison MacDonald is attending our group as an intern. The intership is part of the DAAD RISE program.

05.05.2011: Dr. Thorsten Meinl presents at the Molecular Informatics Open Source Software workshop

29.04.2011: Tobias Koetter gives a talk about concept discovery in heterogenous information networks at the ICCC-11 in Mexico City.

06.04. - 16.04.2011: Visit of  Dr. Anton Dries

28.03. - 1.4.2011: We are away for our yearly research week in the mountains.

30.3.2011: Martin Horn presents his work about active segmentation of cell images at the ISBI2011 in Chicago

1.3.2011: We have a new PHD student: Dawid Piatek, who is now a member of the Graduate School

28.02. - 4.3.2011: The KNIME User Group Meeting took place with an incredible number of 131 attendees.

12.02.2011: End of Semester and the new courses are online.

14.01.2011: Prof. Dr. Michael Berthold has been elected Fellow of IEEE, the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology. Pressemitteilung

News 2010

17.12.2010: Kilian Thiel presents the work about Node Similarities from Spreading Activation at ICDM in Sydney

06.12.2010: Just in time for St Nicolas' Day there is the KNIME 2.3.0 in the boot, with a lot of usability improvements, many
new features and some new nodes.

1.-3.12.2010: BISON Fall Meeting in London. Another meeting of the EU FP7 Open FET research project group, BISON, to discuss the most recent scientific progress.

17.11.2010: We rearranged our offices, take a look at the member page to find it's current office.

7.-9.11.2010: Dr. Thorsten Meinl is giving a talk at the 6th German Conference on Chemoinformatics in the Free Software Session

25.-29.10.2010: Iris Adä visits Petr Kosina and João Gama in Porto at the LIAAD

17.10.2010: Dr. Thomas Gabriel is getting out his running shoes to run for KNIME in the Konstanz town run. We wish him the best of luck!

12.10.2010: Iris Adä presents her talk on Distance Aware Tagclouds at the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

04.10.2010: Tobias Koetter talks about Concept Detection on the Conference on Computing and Philosophy

24.09.2010: Michael R. Berthold gives an invited talk in the industrial session of ECML PKDD 2010 in Barcelona.

23.09.2010: Nvidia has donated two brand-new Tesla C2050 cards(GPUs) to our group

20.09.2010: Kilian Thiel presents his research at the ACNE Workshop (colocated to ECML PKDD 2010)

09.09.2010: Sebastian Peter gives his talk about Finding Temporal Patterns on KES'2010


New "Guide to Intelligent Data Analysis" using KNIME and R just published

26.07.2010: Iris Adä presents the Modular Data Generation idea at the KDD 2010

23.07.2010: KNIME Version 2.2.0 released