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Postal Address

University Konstanz
Department of Computer and Information Science
Box 712
78457 Konstanz

Phone: +49 (0)7531 88-4720
Fax: +49 (0)7531 88-5132

How to find us


We are located in building Z, floor Z8:

Overview Uni KN


Directions to Nycomed Chair for Bioinformatics and Information Mining in the Z building, on level 8 (Z8)

From the northern car park:
On the lowest level of the three parking areas, follow the yellow sign, marked "zum Haupteingang" (main entrance). After about 30 m, walking though the woods, you come out on the road and will see the Z building to your left. Enter the building at its main entrance and take the lift up to level Z8.

From the southern car park:
Follow the yellow signs marked "zum Eingangsbereich" (main entrance area). After following the path for a short while, which leads you through the woods and across the field surrounding the university, you will arrive at the main entrance area. Walk past the bus-stop and fountain and enter the building via the left main entrance. Now follow the directions given below.

From main university entrance (A building) to Z building/level 8:
On entering the main entrance, go up the stairs to your left, following signs for L5 (L=part of building; 5= level). At the top of the stairs, follow the yellow sign "Hörsäle M, P, T" (lecture rooms M, P, T). After about 20 m, turn left. You are now on M6: walk past the aquariums and keep to the left, following signs for P6. You are now on P6. After about 50 m you will see a yellow sign on the right marked "Ausgang" (Exit). Follow this sign to exit the building. Immediately opposite, you will see the Z building (painted grey, with blue window-frames!). Once in the Z building take the lift up to level Z8.